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Bulk Model Rocket Items

Every year thousands of Scout troops around the United States design, build, and launch model rockets. The skills these children gather help further their education in math, science, technology, and engineering. Buying model rockets, and rocket engines, in bulk can help save the troop money and provide each person with their own model rocket.



Boy Scouts cheer as their custom Estes model rockets blast high into the sky.

Earn a Merit Badge with Model Rockets

Receiving the Merit Badge for Space Exploration is one of the most exciting and educational badges available. There are over 7 steps in the process, and each one expands the thinking process for the Boy Scouts. Some requirements of the scouts is to tell about the history, benefits, and parts of model rockets. The scouts must also research how the rockets work and even different careers in space exploration.


Girl Scouts can build model rockets with the opportunity to acquire the Engineering Patch. Aimed at girls from the ages 9-14, the engineering patch teaches scouts about aerodynamics, propulsion, design, and future careers.

Promote Creativity and Design

With Easy to Assemble (E2X) model rocket kits, scouts of all ages can build a model rocket in just about 30 minutes. The Viking bulk model kit is a Skill Level 1 kit that takes a bit more time, however, it features 48 different fin designs. This means every scout can build a rocket their own way and compare with others. With model rocket paint each scout can add a custom paint design that makes the rocket their own.

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Scouts meticulously focus on their model rocket projects.

See Available Bulk Items

A large selection of model rockets and model rocket engines are available on the site. Browse the assortment of product and find the bulk kits that will supply the scouts for their next badge.


Both model rocket kits and rocket engine packs come in different sizes. Some rockets may come in a pack of 12 and some rocket engine packs feature different rocket sizes. This allows for scouts to experiment with different propulsion sizes and record their findings.


Where to Launch

The most ideal places to launch model rockets are open areas away from buildings and power lines. If you are launching rockets near other, remember to let them know what you are doing. Avoid shrubs, grass or others plants that may be dead or dry. Private farms are excellent areas for rocket launches. Just make sure to ask the landowner for permission before launching any rockets.

Safety Requirements

The National Association of Rocketry (NAR) has created a list of safety guidelines that each model rocket builder should follow. These guidelines have been instated since the 1960's and still come with every model rocket kit. It is always important to have an adult present when launching model rockets.

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A Boy Scout admires the recovery system of his model rocket.


Bulk Model Rocket Packs