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Remote Control

Mini Helicopters  ( Click Here To See all 8 Mini Helicopters )
Remote control helicopters are always a big hit among children. The opportunity to be behind the controls of a flying object is always a rush. These remote control helicopters from Estes Model Rockets, provide that thrill and adventure to children of many ages. These machines are recommended to children ages 14 and up and come fully assembled. Batteries will need to be purchased for the infrared controller and there are some safety requirements that should be taken into consideration.

Some of these safety suggestions include, beginners flying in wide-open, grassy areas. Avoid flying the rc helicopters near trees and electrical lines, they have the potential to damage the aircraft. Always keep hands and eyes away from the propellers, and never launch the aircraft near people or animals. Make sure to read the entire instruction manual before taking the rc heli for a flight. Remember, be safe and have fun.

RC Airplanes  ( Click Here To See all 2 RC Airplanes )
For decades Estes has lead the way in model rocketry. They continue to produce amazing flying machines that are not only fun to fly, but offer educational lessons as well. Estes rockets have just recently released their new line of RC airplanes, which have already become a huge hit. Estes has continued to expand into other hobbies and there is no telling where it will end. 

The Estes RC Airplanes are not only a blast to fly, they offer a bit of a challenge as well. These remote control airplanes feature a motion-detecting remote control, this means just a tilt of the wrist and your airplane will follow. A trigger operates as the throttle, when pulled all the way back the plane is at top speed. Learning the controls can be a bit difficult, so it is recommended to begin in a large field. No one said flying was easy.