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New Launch Kits from Estes Features the Astron II Controller and Pad


Recently Estes Rockets has made a change to their popular line of launch sets. All Estes launch sets, with the exception of the 1466 Maxi Alpha 3 and 1460 Eliminator XL, will now be using the Astron II launch pad and launch controller. Many of the launch sets have already been fitted with Astron II launch systems, however some kits may feature the old launch system. Estes has begun switching over all launch kits to the Astron II.


The Astron II launch controller is brightly colored and easy to use, only requires a 9V battery (sold separately). The Astron II launch pad can be fitted with a ⅛” (3mm) launch rod and some assembly is required.


To view the model rocket launch sets that use the Astron II launch system click here. Please email or call with any questions or concerns.

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