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Estes Multi-Stage Rockets

There is a large selection of model rockets available on the market and they are all different in some way. Weight, diameter, engine size and fin design all play a major factor when it comes to flying your model rocket. Some of the different types of rocket engines include the multi-stage rocket. This type of rocket uses two or more rocket engines to send it to incredible heights. Estes model rockets have a few different types of these multi-stage rockets and are considered some of the most fun to launch. Here is a list of some of the most popular Estes multi-stage rockets.

Comanche-3 - This is one of the most impressive multi-stage model rockets on the market. This rocket can be fitted with three rocket engines and takes the rocket nearly ½ a mile into the clouds. It is a Skill Level 3 model rocket so it may take some builders about a weekend to put together, but the completed rocket is worth the wait.

CC Express - This Skill Level 2 rocket is fitted with D series rocket engines in both the booster and 2nd stage. It has the ability to reach 1,790 feet and only takes a day or so to completely build. Once the rocket reaches its maximum altitude, the colorful parachute is deployed and it continues to float to the ground softly.

Hyper Bat - The Estes Hyper Bat is also a Skill Level 2 model rocket, however it uses rocket motors that are a bit small, A, B, and C series. What makes this Estes model rocket stand out against the others is its unique fin design. The design simulates the structure of a real life bat, and the sleek, all black color makes it look amazing when it uses its booster engine to fly to 2,125 feet.

Although these are just a few of the multi-stage rockets offered by Estes, they seem to be some of the most popular. So if you are bored of just firing a rocket with one engine, and want to see how far you can push the envelope, then check out one of Estes model rockets that use multi-stage engines. You won't be disappointed.

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