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Model Rockets - Skill Level 5

Estes Skill Level 5 rocket kits can be a bit difficult to assemble and are recommended for experienced rocket builders. It is important to read reviews and details about the product before making the decision to purchase a rocket. The model rocket kits include small pieces that may be difficult to work with and more difficult paint schemes. Although this kits are a bit harder than the other skill levels the ending results are worth the time.

Many rocketeers enjoy purchasing these Skill Level 5 model rockets and building them with someone. Building a rocket is a great way to build a bond. From the moment you dump all the pieces onto the table until the moment you press the launch button you will have a blast with these rockets. So if you are looking for an activity for you and the kids why not try an Estes Skill Level 5 model rocket.

Conquest Model Rocket Kit

Price:  $ 27.99

Estes Black Star Voyager

Price:  $ 29.59

Astroid Hunter

Price:  $ 23.99