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Model Rockets - Skill Level 4


The Estes Skill Level 4 kits can be a bit more difficult to assembly so it is recommended you take the time to read reviews and details on the product. These skill levels include smaller pieces and more specialized designs that may take longer to complete. 321 rockets does offer ready to fly model rockets kits as well. Most Skill Level 4 rockets will use a D size rocket engine and will require adult supervision.

Skill Level 4 model rockets are a great way to build a bond with another person. Building a model rocket from scratch and finally seeing the end result is something the builders will remember the rest of their lives. If you are looking for a project to do with your kids, then building a Skill Level 4 model rocket is a great start. They can learn educational tools along with build a lasting relationship and memories.

The Estes QCC Explorer model rocket is a Skill Level 4 rocket and is one of Estes' most famous. The rocket can take a bit of time to build and while you are constructing it you will wonder how it flies. Tension will rise as you roll this awesome rocket out to the launch pad. Will it fly straight? Will the recovery system work? These are all questions that will go through your mind before you press the button. Once you see your model rocket launched hundreds of feet into the air you will sigh and grab another rocket engine for another launch.

Cosmic Interceptor

Price:  $ 39.19

Dark Silver

Price:  $ 21.59