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Model Rockets - Skill Level 3

Skill Level 3 (SL3) Estes Model Rockets are the next tier of more advanced model rocket kits, including a big seller the Executioner. Skill Level 3 Model Rockets require moderate skills in model rocket construction and finishing. Features include laser cut balsa or plastic fins, plastic nose cones, unfinished body tubes and complex designs. Assembly may take a couple of days.

With so many great model rockets to choose from it may be a difficult task picking just one. These Skill Level 3 rockets are exciting to build and you will be proud to show off your work at the launch site. Start with your favorite and begin building your collection, in no time you will have an amazing group of model rockets that you built yourself.

Skill Level 3 Estes Rocket Kits do not include Estes Engines and launch equipment. If you do not already have the recommended Estes Engines and launch equipment for the model rocket you have selected, they must be purchased separately.

If you are shopping for Estes Model Rockets that include the launch equipment and in some options the engines, please visit the starter and launch sets section of this store.