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Model Rockets - Skill Level 1

Skill Level 1 (SL1) Estes Model Rocket kits is the entry level in Skill Level Model Rocket Kits. Assembly of Skill Level 1 (SL1) model rockets is more advanced than the Estes Ready To Fly (RTF) and E2X Almost Ready To Fly Model Rocket Kits. Skill Level 1 Estes Model Rocket Kits requires some painting, gluing and sanding. Features include laser cut balsa fins, slotted body tubes, plastic nose cones and self-stick decals. Step-by-step instructions make building very easy. Assembly takes at least an afternoon.

Once you have moved on from the ready to fly kits and the east to assemble model rockets now it's time to build your own. A Skill Level 1 rocket kit is great for the beginner rocket builder. This is the first step to getting to the Skill Level 4 rockets which can be very time consuming.

Skill Level 1 Estes Model Rocket Kits do not include Estes Engines and launch equipment. If you do not already have the recommended Estes model rocket engines and launch equipment for the rocket you have selected, they must be purchased separately.

If you are shopping for Estes Rockets that include the launch equipment and in some options the Estes rocket engines, please visit the starter and launch sets section of this store.