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Estes Saturn V Rockets

If put into a room full of model rockets and asked to find the Saturn V rocket, many of us may be able to do so. This rocket was iconic in the late 60's and throughout the 70's, and helped America win the space race against the Soviets. Many of NASA's infamous missions, including Apollo 13, were flown using this very rocket. The design and technology behind this rocket made it one of a kind and it has with stood the test of time.

Since this rocket has been such an influence on American culture it is clear to see why many companies have brought the model back to their shelves. One of the highest selling is the Estes Saturn V model which is a 1/100 scale replica that stands at about 43 inches tall. Estes has been selling this model rocket since the 70's and has recently brought it back into production due to high demand. Estes has not said how long the item will be on sale, however, with the high demand and the continued sales I'm sure it is here to stay.

The Saturn V rocket is a Skill level 4 which means it is a bit harder to assemble compared to some of Estes other model rockets. Each rocket is broken down into a skill level ranging from ready-to-fly to level 4 which is the highest. In most cases a ready-to-fly is exactly what it sounds like, take it out of the box, a few minor parts connected and you're ready. A skill level 4 rocket may take up to a week to build and design, depending on how much time you put into the project.

Not only is this model rocket fun to build, it is jaw-dropping when you see this thing be rocketed towards the sky. Since the rocket takes a fair amount of time to build and many people don't want to see it ruined, it does also make a great model for displaying in your collection. This timely piece is sure to be a hit with people of all ages for years to come.

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