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Model Rockets - E2X Series

These E2X Estes Model Rocket Kits do not contain any paint or special supplies for construction and design. The parts include are colored making assembly a breeze. Simply glue the parts together as per the instructions, apply the self-stick decals, attach the recovery system and you are ready to blast off! Model Rocket assembly takes 1 hour or less.

Estes Model Rocket Engines and launch equipment are not included with E2X Estes Model Rocket Kits and must be purchased separately.

If you are shopping for Estes Model Rockets that include the launch equipment and in some options the engines, please visit the starter and launch sets section of this store.

Bandito Model Rocket Kit

Price:  $ 7.83

Alpha Iii Model Rocket Kit

Price:  $ 15.99

Estes Red Flare

Price:  $ 26.39

Estes Top Shot

Price:  $ 19.19

Firebolt Model Rocket

Price:  $ 21.59

Estes Banshee Model Rocket

Price:  $ 11.99

Estes Agm-57x Heatseeker

Price:  $ 13.59

Metalizer Model Rocket Kit

Price:  $ 15.99

Dragonite Model Rocket Kit

Price:  $ 12.79

Humdinger Model Rocket

Price:  $ 11.19

Dink Model Rocket Kit

Price:  $ 7.99

Estes Mix-it Up Rocket

Price:  $ 10.39

Estes 3 Bandits Kit

Price:  $ 17.59

Estes Emerald Streak

Price:  $ 13.59

Savage Model Rocket Kit

Price:  $ 19.19

Estes Sky Shark

Price:  $ 10.39


Price:  $ 13.59

Dark Zero Rocket Kit

Price:  $ 13.59

Show Stopper

Price:  $ 20.79

Black Diamond Model Rocket

Price:  $ 16.79