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Estes Model Rocket Engines - C11-7 Engines - 1624

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Three (3) Estes C11-7 Rocket Motors are included in this Estes Rocket Engine Pack.
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Estes 001624 C11-7 Rocket Motor:

If you are looking for an upper stage engine that can also be used as a single stage Model Rocket Engine, The C11-7 Estes Motor is a great fit. The C11-7 Estes Engine has been designed for use in lightweight rockets.

The Estes C11-7 Model Rocket Engine pack includes:

  • Three (3) C11-7 Rocket Motors
  • Three (3) Igniters
  • Four (4) Igniter Plugs

C11-7 Motor Specifications:

Engine Type: C11-7
Total Impulse - N-sec: 10.0
Time Delay - Sec.: 7
Maximum Lift Wt. - Oz.: 4.0
Maximum Lift Wt. - g: 113
Maximum Thrust - Newtons: 22.1
Maximum Thrust - Lbs.: 4.9
Thrust Duration - Sec.: 0.8
Initial Weight - Oz.: 1.22
Initial Weight - g: 34.5
Propellant Weight - Oz.: 0.39
Propellant Weight - g: 11.00

The Estes 001624 - C11-7 Estes Motor is an Upper Stage (Purple Label) engine that can also be used as a single stage engine.