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Eggscaliber Skill Level 2 Estes Model Rocket Kit

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Send an egg into space with the Estes Eggscaliber Model Rocket Kit. See just how high you can make this unique rocket fly without breaking the egg. With the soft yellow cushion in the clear see-through egg capsule, your little eggstronaut is set safely for the ride!
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Estes Eggscaliber Model Rocket Kit Description:

See how high you can blast an egg into the atmosphere without destroying it. With a cushioned yellow capsule you will be able to look into see your eggstronaut and determine if he survived the launch.

This amazing kit includes a molded plastic egg holder, self-stick decals and laser cut balsa fins for smooth flight. Included along with the rocket are two colorful parachutes, one 12 inches and one 18inches which will make landing your egg much softer. Also included is an adapter so you can launch your rockets with a large variety of rockets engines. Start with a standard Estes rocket engine then remove the spacer and place in a more powerful D or E engine. With one of the larger engines this rocket has the potential to go near 600 feet. The Eggscaliber is a hit with children, they love seeing what it will take to crack an egg with a rocket engine.

First tier of more advanced kits. Requires beginner skills in model rocket construction and finishing. Features laser cut balsa or plastic fins, plastic nose cones and unfinished body tubes. Assembly may take a complete day.

* The Estes Eggscaliber Requires the Estes Maxi Launch Rod

Estes Eggscaliber Technical Specifications and Features:

  • Diameter 1.35 in. (34.2 mm)
  • Weight 2.6 oz. (74 g)
  • Laser Cut Balsa Fins
  • Self Stick Decals
  • Parachute Recovery
  • Egg Launcher
  • Maxi Rod required
  • Max Altitude: 610 ft. (186 m)

Recommended Estes Model Rocket Engines:

With Egg
  • B4-2
  • B6-2
  • C6-3
  • C11-3
  • D12-3
Without Egg
  • B4-2
  • B6-2
  • C6-5
  • D12-5

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