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Choosing a Rocket Engine

When first jumping into the hobby of rocketry it is important to do some research to find out what you will need. When it comes to model rockets there are hundreds to choose from which can make the initial decision a bit difficult. Luckily, once you have chosen which kit or rocket you would like to use now all you need is some power. This part of the "Which rocket do I get?" scenario is one of the easiest.

In most cases a model rocket kit will come with three options for rocket engines: small, medium and large. In most cases the most popular engine sizes to choose from are A size, B size and C size. Rocket motors are designed to be twice as powerful as the one before it. In other words a B size engine will send the rocket twice as high as the A size motor. A C size engine will send the rocket twice as high as the B size motors, which makes the C size motor four times more powerful as the A size.

There are additional questions you will need to ask yourself when deciding on rocket engines. The primary question is "How high do you want to fly?". Often this question is answered with "As high as I can" which can be a rookie mistake. When launching a rocket the goal is to be able to see it in action, this includes watching the parachute deploy. Rockets can be lost in the sky if they are launched too high. Also, when launching with younger children it is important they are able to retrieve the rocket for future launches and lessons.

Ultimately, the decision to which rocket engines will work best comes down to the user. Many manufactures recommend starting with the smallest engine and working your way up. Over time you will determine which rocket engines bring the most satisfaction to your rocketeers.

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