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Beginners Guide to Model Rocketry

Model rocketry makes a great hobby for children and adults alike. Pioneered in the 50's, it was a educational tool to get the people of America interested in rocket flight. Over the years the products and technologies available to rocketeers has risen and choosing a rocket can be difficult for beginners. Estes model rockets have categorized all of their rockets according to skill level. This makes picking a rocket for first timers much easier.

The first major consideration you need to take into account when purchasing a model rocket is determining the skill level of the builder. The decision can result in the child enjoying model rocketry or growing distant from the venture. Many of the Estes rocket sets are made for children ten years old and up, while others are a bit more difficult to assemble and are recommended for eighteen years and older. A great model rocket kit to start with is one of Estes ready-to-fly kits, which is exactly what it sounds like. These kits only require a few minutes of assembly and they are ready for the launch pad. The next one up is the Estes E2X series, which stands for easy to assemble. If the child has minor assembly skills this is a great place for them to start. They will learn the construction of the rocket which will get them wanting to experiment with additional rockets.

Model rocketry has an incredibly large following and many kids are amazed by the power and science behind these rockets. The National Association of Rocketry's statistics show a child involved with model rockets throughout their lives are more likely to choose a technology-related career. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to build your first model rocket, but you may want to be after you launch it.

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